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Upholstery: Back Rest
James Hardesty
Works better than factory one

Nice one

Hi James! Thank you for your kind review. We are happy to hear your replacement back upholstery is working out so well.

Warm regards and be good to your back,

Leta Krieger
Manager, U.S. Customer Success Team

Have two Strongback chairs. Love them.

Very comfortable. One wish is they would be higher off the ground for someone 6’2” but otherwise very pleased. Customer service and accessibility is great. Amanda very helpful.

Hi Mary, we are very happy to hear you love our Strongback Mobility wheelchairs! We will be sure to pass on your feedback about the height of the chair to our Product Development Team. Thank you for taking the time to submit such a nice review!

Warm regards and be good to your back,

Leta Krieger
Manager, U.S. Customer Success Team

STRONGBACK Mobility Retaining Clip | Stability and Security

Wheel Lock: 24"
Jeff Fernandes
Right brake

Perfect replacement easy to swap out.
My only negative comment would be the shipping is steep. A $30.00 part had $25.00 shipping fee. Doesn’t even weigh a pound.

Hi Jeff, thank you for your feedback! Very happy to hear the repair went so well. We apologize for the high shipping fee. This charge is automatically calculated at the time of the order, and sometimes a mistake may occur. We are refunding you $10.00 of the shipping fee - we hope this helps rectify the issue. Please let us know if you need any other assistance.

Warm regards and be good to your back,

Leta Krieger
Manager, U.S. Customer Success Team
Strongback Mobility

Doing the Job

The seatbelt is installed and doing what it stated it would do!

Replacement part

Thanks for prompt service… disappointed that I had to pay more for next day shipping that what the product cost

Great Product

Items work great.

Great idea!

What a great idea! My husband uses a cane and this will come in handy when he's in the wheelchair so that he doesn't have to hold it.. It fits on the chair using velcro straps and is out of the way.

Great quality, but can't fold down

This transport bag is very well made, really good quality. It's a great idea, but I returned it for one reason. I wanted to take it to the airport, carry it while I push my husband to the gate, then put the wheelchair into the bag when it is gate checked to protect it. The problem with the design of this bag is that there's no way to carry it in a folded position. The handles are on the top of the bag and it can only be carried in the long position. The wheels are a great addition and if you were pulling it with the wheelchair inside the bag it would work just fine. It's when it's empty that it's so awkward. I reached out to the company with the suggestion of modifying this one quirk and I must say that they have EXCELLENT customer service. They are quick to respond and you can actually speak with a real person.

Seems like good quality

We haven't used it on our trip yet, but just trying it out in the house it seems to be what we wanted. I'm 71 and It's lightweight enough for me to lift, folds down easily. It's comfortable to sit it in and seems to push easily. I'll be able to give a more detailed review after the trip in October.

Great transport chair

Got chair for my church, and it's very useful for our members to get in and out of the church.



Great choice for 90 year mother!

Customer was great, order delivered fast!

Just Started using our 22S+AB chair

Intended for my wife's use, we both really like this chair. The slender design is great for maneuvering through small spaces and keeping a space in a crowd.

One thought I had about the design was that it might be nice to have a grip handle and secondary pick-up point for the caregiver trying to pick up and maneuver the collapsed chair into the trunk of a car before and after use. I think a small fixed plastic handle might be added to the rear of the wheelchair frame and a secondary pick-up point identified by a small plastic element added to the front of the frame, at the point of balance when the chair is held on it's side horizontally as is done when transitioning the collapsed chair into and out of a cars trunk.

A second thought - there are a lot of side-saddle organizers on the market for wheelchairs (pen&paper holders, cup holders, zip-pouches, etc.), all generally fabricated of nylon fabric, some with bright colors and patterned fabrics. These are interesting as while serving a functional need, they are also opportunities for personalization and expressing who you are. It would be a natural thing for you to offer, specifically designed to fit the frame profile of your chair.

That's it, thank you for designing such a well thought through chair and for making it with such a focus upon quality.

All my best,
Greg + Deb

Hello, Greg + Deb!
Thank you for the great suggestions! I have forwarded these to our product developers for consideration. As far as your side saddle bag idea, we do have our new STRONGBACK Wheelchair Backpack which secures perfectly to the back of our wheelchairs and transport chairs. It might be just what you are looking for!
Warm regards and be good to your back,

At last!!

At last a very comfortable wheelchair that I can easily lift!! I am very independent and now I can stay that way. At 65, i'm not as strong and feel like i've lost a lot of my independence, not being able to walk. This chair gives some of it back and I love that!!! I value my freedom to be me ! Thank You!! M

as a title strong

am happy to have it

Lightweight Wonder

My wife is my helper and the versatility of this chair gives us both a renewed sense of freedom. She can easily and quickly remove the tires, leg rests, fold the rest of the chair and lift it into the back of our vehicle. I’m 85 and the lite weight structure makes it possible for me to manipulate the chair independently. The seat cushion and lumbar support are excellent support and comfort for my back.

Light weight and comfortable

Im very happy with this chair. Its very comfortable and Im able to sit in the chair for hours without being miserable. It is extremely light and easy to load and unload into the vehicle. I am a 48 year old woman, 5 foot 11. The chair is so light my 70-year-old mother is able to load and unload easily. Im not even going to mention my husband because obviously its very easy for him to load as well.

Go out and enjoy the day!

This is the perfect answer for those dr buildings where everything is just too far with a walker. Our 95+ Mother gets along with a walker indoors and out to the car, but wouldnt it be nice to go to a park and enjoy the outdoors on a nice day? And not be completely worn out by just getting there!! Im looking forward to some activities that dont involve dr appointments and so is she! Oh! And it was out of the box and set up in under a minute! Every part is easy to set up and fold down. Just great. Get handbrakes for control.

Nice chair!

I bought the smallest size since I'm pretty small , 5'3" and 120 lbs. It's very easy to use, super comfortable for sitting in for long stretches and turns on a dime. I take foot rests off in house for better obstacle clearance and space considerations. Nice little manual chair light enough for me to fold up and pack into car.

Needed a wheelchair for part-time mobility issues

I am slowly loosing my mobility, and I am fighting it with everything I have. So I like to be able to keep trying to walk as much as possible. So with that in mind, I don't use this chair all the time. This chair is very comfortable, it is great for my lumbar issues which is what is causing me to loose my ability to walk very fair. It is super light. It is very easy to do all the things that it claims (the various parts that come on and off, the adjustments, etc). I can't sit in many chairs for long, bit this is very comfortable and I can sit for the longest I can of all chairs (including recliners and very padded chairs) in it before needing to go lie down.

Pretty damn good

If you have to be in a wheelchair than this transport chair is great. My mom does not self propel and it makes moving her around inside the home so much easier. She never complains about sitting in it and does say how comfortable it is. We have two. One for outside with big wheels and the other for inside with the smaller wheels

Great transport chair.

This wheelchair turns on a dime. Folds up easily, fits through the doorways of our tiny old house. My husband is 63 and it has been a godsend.

Perfect Fit!

The transporter fits her perfectly and provides a comfortable place to sit for extended periods. The fold up design is easy to use and fits easily in the trunk. It also has collected comments from bystanders about its looks. I would recommend it over all the other transporters for sale with little or no back support.