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  • Ergonomic

    An ergonomic design that aligns to the natural curvature of the spine to provide superb lumbar support and greater comfort.

  • Ultralight

    Compact and foldable designs that can be picked up with ease. Our lightest designs can weigh fewer than 20 lbs thanks to the use of high-tech materials.

  • Stylish

    The design of all of our transport chairs and wheelchairs is a cut above standard models thanks to beautifully curved lines and sleek innovations throughout.

  • Adjustable

    Easily adjustable, these reliable wheelchairs are designed to support every individual regardless of their level of mobility.

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Strongback Mobility USA – Your Partner for Innovative Mobility

Whether you are seeking an ergonomic wheelchair design for yourself, a friend or family member, or something that will be better suited to the needs of your clients, Strongback Mobility has a range of high-quality products that will be ideal. As a firm that has been established in the US market since 2016, we now have a well-deserved reputation for reliable products, great customer service, excellent warranties, and the availability of spare parts. In short, if you're looking for a ground-breaking wheelchair design from a company you can trust, then there is no better place to turn in the US today than Strongback Mobility.

Among the key design innovations that make our chairs unique, such as the STRONGBACK8 transport chair and STRONGBACK24 wheelchair, is the frame-integrated posture support system. All too often, wheelchair users place their spine under pressure by occupying their wheelchair for prolonged periods without sufficient support. This is where the Strongback Mobility range comes into its own because the spine, especially at the lower lumbar region, is properly supported, thereby helping to diminish associated problems, such as neck and shoulder aches.

What's more, the innovative use of materials in the entire product range means that our wheelchairs are extremely light. Not only does this help users to move around more freely for longer periods, but it also means that our products can be lifted into cars or stowed away with much greater ease when they're not in use. Easy to adjust, these wheelchairs provide tailored support for each individual user, something that dealers and retailers will appreciate since it gives them the opportunity to offer their clients a much more personalized service than merely offering them an alternative product. After all, we also provide dealers with an enviable range of spare parts and accessories that go with the range, so there is always the opportunity to provide customers with an even more bespoke solution that truly meets all of their mobility needs.

Why not check out the range in greater detail? Find out why Strongback Mobility is an award-winning company that is so well-respected by wheelchair users, design professionals, and retailers alike.