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The patented STRONGBACK ergonomic design represents an evolution of the traditional wheelchair by integrating positive posture support into the frame. Every wheelchair user has the right to a wheelchair that keeps them active and comfortable and makes them feel free and independent.


  • Standard Wheelchair – Poor Posture

    Traditional wheelchairs are uncomfortable to sit in – even for short periods of time. The poor posture caused by the lack of lumbar support in the chairs cause discomfort and often pain.

  • STRONGBACK Wheelchair – Correct Posture

    Patented ergonomics represent an evolution of the conventional wheelchair by adding exclusive, frame-integrated posture support – all while maintaining ease of use, light weight and portability.

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5 star rating

Bought for son age 9 as a transport chair. It's great for this purpose. Seems to be very well made - the frame is like a high quality bicycle frame and all of the features work well. The brake handles that lock at the grip levers are really useful. I also agree with the other reviewers' comments.

5 star rating

The Strongback 24 is superior to traditionally designed wheelchairs my family has used in the past. Its ergonomic design offers many benefits. Switching to this wheelchair has made me able to take my 91 year old father out and about without great difficulty. And best of all, my father finds the chair easy to propel, thus providing some independence given that he is wheelchair bound. Thank you!

5 star rating

We have tried 5 different brands of chairs and NONE can compare with Strongback. I bought cheap 5 times and got what I paid for--cheap. The 6th was Strongback and it is worth twice what we paid! We are both wonderfully happy with our Strongback Mobility Chair! THANKS!!!

5 star rating

We have the Strongback for my husband and he is extremely impressed with the comfort. After using a traditional chair for three weeks, he truly appreciates sitting in the Strongback! I love how light weight it is - I can lift it myself to put in the car. Also, the turning radius is great and it folds easily. GREAT product!!

5 star rating

My mother is so happy with the comfort of this chair. It is literally 50 pounds lighter than the chair provided by the nursing home. She also likes that it's blue and not standard black. The back support is terrific. She likes to "walk" her chair with her feet, rather than using her hands on the big wheel. Self-propelling. Because she is a tiny person, she does have a bit of trouble reaching the floor with her feet as well as she did with the older chair, but it's so much lighter, she prefers this chair. Thank you, Strongback Mobility!

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