A Wheelchair Company Focused on Building Retail Partnerships

By becoming a retail partner of Strongback Mobility, your wheelchair store will offer products that go beyond the industry standard.

Discover the advantages of joining Strongback Mobility's Dealer Network and becoming a valued retail partner. As a wheelchair company dedicated to exceeding industry standards, we offer products that stand out from the competition.

Benefits to you with our customers in mind

When you become a retail partner of Strongback Mobility, you can expect numerous benefits for your wheelchair store. Our adherence to MAP pricing ensures a lucrative business model, and our comprehensive marketing support strengthens your brand presence. With our reliable order-to-delivery process, you can rest assured that your customers' needs will be met promptly. Even with small order quantities, we guarantee the availability of stock, providing convenience for your store. Our commitment to excellent customer service includes rapid, courteous, and effective complaint resolution. Additionally, our Premier Dealer recognition program rewards our top-performing partners. Contact us now to learn more about becoming a dealer.

Benefits for Retailers of Becoming a Strongback Mobility Sales Partner

As a Strongback Mobility sales partner, you gain access to next-generation wheelchairs and rollators with exciting developments and technical advances. One unique selling point (USP) is our frame-integrated effective posture support system. Unlike traditional wheelchairs with add-on supports, our design integrates posture support from the start. This ensures ergonomic seating and a comfortable experience for users.

Our off-the-shelf folding wheelchairs and rollators are lightweight and prioritize the user's spine, making them suitable for hospitals, care facilities, rehab centers, and retail wheelchair stores alike. The ergonomic shape promotes an upright posture, offering innovative and first-in-class products that inspire confidence in your customers and patients.

Ease of Use – The Outstanding USP for Retailers

Our wheelchairs stand out for their ease of use. Unlike conventional models, the posture support is integrated into the frame, promoting a natural and upright sitting position from the moment they are tried out. This key differential convinces customers in their wheelchair-buying journey.

Strongback Mobility is a wheelchair brand that appeals to a wide range of customers. Our combination of ergonomics and modern design aesthetics has earned us numerous design awards. The curved lines, low weight, and unique folding concept of our wheelchairs make them highly sought after. When customers search for wheelchairs for sale near them, they specifically seek out Strongback products.

A Wheelchair Brand for Everyone, A Wheelchair Manufacturer for Retailers

Regardless of the size of your retail store, our wheelchairs are known for their brand quality, recognition, and adherence to MAP pricing. Stocking our products ensures happy and repeat customers, boosting your reputation and potentially leading to increased sales across other product categories.

Would You Like More Dealership Information? We Look Forward to Hearing From You

Join our dealer network in the US and equip your medical supply store with our practical and visually appealing wheelchairs. Contact our sales department for more information and become part of the Strongback Mobility network. Experience the benefits that our premium models bring to users' quality of life, while growing your business alongside ours.

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