Ergonomic Wheelchair Designs

Veteran Assistant Opportunities with Strongback Mobility

Strongback Mobility offers a range of wheelchairs designed to benefit veterans through their local VA Medical Center. Former members of the United States Armed Forces can access Strongback Mobility wheelchairs with the assistance of their VA benefits. By connecting with their local VA hospital, veterans can take advantage of these innovative wheelchair technologies. There is a VA benefits hotline to call at 800-827-1000 if you don't yet know how to claim disabled veteran benefits. 

Know Your VA Benefits

Please note that VA disability benefits are tax-free monthly payments administered by the US Department of Veteran Affairs. Such veteran benefits make our innovative wheelchair technology available to all who have served their country so loyally. The VA benefits hotline can direct you on how to start the process. Call 800-827-1000 to connect with this invaluable recource.

An Award-Winning Wheelchair for Veterans and Other Users

Our award-winning wheelchairs provide exceptional back support and are suitable for various mobility needs and sizes of former military personnel. With lightweight and foldable designs, our wheelchairs incorporate an effective posture support system directly into the frame. Strongback Mobility wheelchairs have received accolades, including the prestigious German Design Award.

Here are Some Key Benefits of Choosing our Wheelchairs:

  • Forward-thinking design resembling sports equipment rather than a medical aid, appealing to many veterans.
  • Frame-integrated back support as an inherent feature, providing superior stability.
  • Ultra-lightweight construction for practicality, with our lightest chair, the Excursion 8, weighing just 19.8 lbs.

A Brand You Can Trust

  • Versatility for veterans and non-veterans alike, accommodating a user weight capacity of 300 lbs and available in three different seat widths.
  • Uncompromised folding mechanism due to the inherent design of the frame-integrated back support.
  • Ergonomic focus ensuring long-lasting comfort, even with extended use.

Find Out More About Military Benefits and Our Wheelchair Designs

Every veteran who uses a wheelchair for mobility will benefit from an affordable yet cutting-edge product design when they turn to Strongback Mobility. This is exactly what US military veterans can expect whether they are after a transport chair to use around the home or a wheelchair with flip back armrests so they can use it in multiple situations. Take a look at the entire range or get in contact with us using the form below so we can help you. We'll provide answers to specific product questions you may have or provide further resources on how you can learn about your veteran benefits in your part of the country. 

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