Ergonomic Wheelchair Designs

Veterans can benefit from the range of wheelchairs from Strongback Mobility through their local VA Medical Center.

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Veteran Assistant Opportunities with Strongback Mobility

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An Award-Winning Wheelchair for Veterans and Other Users

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The Benefits of Our Wheelchair

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Strongback Mobility – Why Choose Our Wheelchair for Veterans?

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Find Out More About Military Benefits and Our Wheelchair Designs

Every veteran who uses a wheelchair for mobility will benefit from an affordable yet cutting-edge product design when they turn to Strongback Mobility. This is exactly what US military veterans can expect whether they are after a transport chair to use around the home or a wheelchair with flip back armrests so they can use it in multiple situations. Take a look at the entire range or get in contact with us using the form below so we can help you. We'll provide answers to specific product questions you may have or provide further details of how you can obtain veteran benefits in your part of the country to obtain our military discount.

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