Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are there for the wheelchair?

The STRONGBACK wheelchair is available in the color combination of blue/black. The frame color is blue, as shown in the photos online.

How do I determine the correct seat width?

To determine the right seat width, you can sit down on a measuring tape and measure your hip width. Add approximately 1 inch on both sides to determine the ideal seat width for you. Please note that our 'S' models have a narrow seat width of 16 inches and are also shorter in seat length, making them suitable for smaller and narrower individuals. For longer and narrower individuals, it is recommended to choose a model with a seat width of 18 inches.

Where can I purchase a wheelchair?

You can order STRONGBACK wheelchairs directly from us or through our selected STRONGBACK Dealers. Alternatively, you can place an order by phone by calling 757-349-7790. Once we receive the advance payment, we will proceed with the delivery.

What is the weight limit for STRONGBACK wheelchairs and transport chairs?

The weight limit for STRONGBACK wheelchairs and transport chairs is 300 pounds.

What payment methods are accepted for purchasing a wheelchair?

We accept immediate transfers, Paypal, ShopPay, credit cards, and payment in advance as payment methods.

How can I adjust the backrest upholstery?

The back upholstery of the wheelchair can be individually adjusted by opening and adjusting the Velcro fastener. You can refer to section 5.2 of the instruction manual for detailed instructions.

What is the difference between a wheel lock brake and an attendant brake?

Every wheelchair comes with a user-operated wheel lock brake. This brake is pressed onto the tires of the wheelchair to prevent it from rolling away. An attendant brake is used by accompanying persons who push the wheelchair. It helps prevent the wheelchair from unintentionally rolling away. The brake levers for the attendant brake are mounted on the push handles of the wheelchair, allowing the attendant to easily lock the wheelchair. STRONGBACK wheelchairs come equipped with wheel lock brakes as standard and can be optionally equipped with attendant brakes.

How can I overcome a curb with a wheelchair?

To climb curbs or small steps, the attendant should use the tilting aid on the wheelchair. Approach the obstacle with the wheelchair's front wheels. Step on one of the two tilting aids (anti-tippers) pointing upwards while simultaneously pulling the push handles towards you. This will cause the wheelchair to safely tip backward, lifting the front wheels. Avoid pushing down on the push handles, as excessive pressure from above can damage the backrest. Push the wheelchair forward, releasing the pressure on the tip assists to lower the front wheels onto the curb. Proceed straight until both rear wheels touch the curb. Then, push and lift the rear wheels forward and up to drive the wheelchair onto the curb. If necessary, turn the tilting aids down afterward.

What are quick-release axles and how do they work?

The rear wheels of our wheelchairs are equipped with a quick-release axle system, allowing for easy removal and remounting of the wheels. To remove the wheel, press the button located in the center of the wheel above the axle and gently pull the wheel straight out of the bracket in the wheelchair frame. This allows the wheel and axle to be easily transported and saves space.

To remount the wheel, press the axle button again, releasing the lock on the axle. Then, place the wheel with the axle back into the holder provided on the wheelchair. Once the axle is fully inserted, release the button and gently pull on the wheel to ensure it is properly locked. You can refer to pictures from point 6.3 of the operating instructions for further assistance.

Where can I try out a wheelchair?

You can use our store finder to locate one of our 300+ local dealers and try out a wheelchair there. Simply visit our Store Finder on our website to find a dealer near you.

Does health insurance cover the cost of wheelchairs?

If you have a doctor's prescription for a wheelchair, you can obtain a cost estimate from us or your medical supply store. You can then submit this estimate to your health insurance company, which will inform you about the portion of the costs they will cover. It's important to note that STRONGBACK does not submit directly to health insurance companies.

Will my VA benefits cover the cost of a wheelchair?

To inquire about your VA benefits covering the cost of a wheelchair, you will need to contact your VA directly. We can provide a cost estimate upon request. For more details, you can refer to our VA page.

Can an elderly person unpack the wheelchair by themselves? Is the wheelchair already assembled?

The wheelchair is already assembled and only needs to be removed from the box. To unpack the wheelchair, it is best to lay the box on its side, open the lid, and pull the wheelchair out. Then, you can hang the footrests in the appropriate brackets and lock them in place with the retaining clips. The wheelchair is immediately ready for use. If you need to adjust the length of the footrests, you can do so using the provided tool kit.

What are the delivery times for the wheelchair?

Once we receive the payment, we typically send your STRONGBACK wheelchair on the same day or the next working day via UPS. You should expect to receive your wheelchair within 2-5 days after ordering or making the payment, depending on the payment method chosen.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the wheelchair I purchased?

For all online orders, you have a statutory right of withdrawal within 30 days. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it to us and receive a refund. Please note that the buyer is responsible for the return shipment costs according to the general terms and conditions. To initiate a return,  please use the return authorization digital form located at the bottom menu of

What is the overall width of the wheelchair?

The overall width of the wheelchair varies depending on the size. For size S, the width is 24.5 inches. For size M, the width is 27 inches, and for size L, the width is 29 inches.

When folded, how tall is the wheelchair and will it fit in a trunk?

When folded, the wheelchair is approximately 30 inches high, although the exact measurement depends on the model. This height allows the wheelchair to fit in most trunks or behind the driver's or passenger's seat.

How agile is the wheelchair?

The STRONGBACK wheelchair is maneuverable and well-suited for most situations. With our 24 models, you have the option to increase maneuverability by adjusting the position of the rear wheel axle.

What is the difference between a transport wheelchair and a standard wheelchair?

A transport wheelchair requires an accompanying person to push it, as it cannot be driven by the occupants themselves. On the other hand, a standard wheelchair can be driven by the occupants themselves. If you are interested in a transport wheelchair, please contact us directly.

Can I take the wheelchair on a plane?

Usually, you can take the wheelchair with you up to the door of the aircraft. At that point, you would switch to an onboard model. When you disembark, your wheelchair will be made available again at the door of the aircraft. If you have specific questions about regulations at the airport, it's advisable to inquire with your airline directly.

How and why can I adjust the position of the rear wheel axles?

Experienced wheelchair users often prefer to have the wheelchair's center of gravity further forward. This makes the wheelchair more maneuverable, but also more prone to tipping over. The rear wheels are initially installed in the most secure and rearmost position at the factory. However, the position of the rear wheel axle should be adjusted by a specialist dealer to ensure proper alignment.

What advantages does the flip variant have over the standard variant?

The flip variant offers several advantages over the standard variant. The shortened clothing guard makes lateral transfer out of or into the wheelchair easier. Additionally, the armrests can be folded up, allowing you to get closer to tables and have more options for customizing your individual driving behavior according to your preferences.

Can I use the wheelchair both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, the STRONGBACK wheelchair can be used both indoors and outdoors. The size and width of the wheels strike a good balance between outdoor and indoor use, making it suitable for most floor conditions.

How much does the wheelchair weigh?

The transport weight of the wheelchair depends on the model and size, ranging from 14 to 16 pounds. The total weight, which includes the rear wheels and attachments, varies depending on the size and falls between 22 and 26.5 pounds.