Does my insurance cover any part of this chair’s cost?

All insurance companies are different and all have statements written into their policies of whether they will or will not cover wheelchairs and other durable medical equipment. We recommend that you call your insurance company or get a copy of your policy to see exactly what it says about coverage for things like wheelchairs.

What model of the STRONGBACK Excursion should I buy?

The difference between the STRONGBACK Excursion 8 and 12 is the size of the rear wheels: 8" and 12" diameter. The small wheels are a little lighter and thinner, allowing the chair to be folded into its most compact size, and are great for indoor use. The medium wheels are a bit heavier resulting in a slightly larger folded size, and are the best for outdoor use where there may be rougher terrain.

What size seat should I buy?

We have three seat sizes available in most models. The smaller seat measures 16" across, while the regular measures 18" across, and the large measures 20” across. Obviously a larger person will need the larger seat. The smaller seat width, however, makes a smaller overall chair, which maneuvers more easily in narrow places such as a restaurant or around furniture in your apartment at home, so you may want to choose the smallest size that still works comfortably for you.

How easy is it to get into and out of the chair?

We have kept ease of entry and exit in mind when designing this chair. The footrests can either swing around and away or be removed completely. The curved waterfall front of the seat not only prevents leg pinching, but also provides a level area where you can sit before fully entering or exiting the chair. The correct seated posture encouraged in a STRONGBACK wheelchair places the user in a position of strength where it is much easier to stand up – in normal wheelchairs the poor seated posture forces the user into a slouched position making it more difficult to stand and unfold the body into an erect position.

What is the easiest way to fold the chair up?

You will first want to fold down the back and then pull up on the center front and back of the seat fabric.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is FREE! in the contiguous USA. All other areas, please call or e-mail for a shipping cost quote.

How long does it take to get the chair once I have ordered it?

You should receive your STRONGBACK wheelchair in less than 5 business days.

Is there a warranty?

There is a 100% full warranty on the frame of your Strongback Mobility wheelchair for two years, and on the seat, footrests, and other auxiliary parts for 1 full year. See details in our Easy Returns Policy

How do I know it works?

Watch this video and take our word for it. Or try for yourself and order one right now. You can always return it if you wish (see our Easy Returns Policy).

How big is the chair, exactly?

View STRONGBACK24 Detailed Measurements PDF

STRONGBACK Excursion 8 - small rear wheels (8 inch diameter)

View STRONGBACK Excursion 8 Detailed Measurements PDF

STRONGBACK Excursion 12 - medium rear wheels (12 inch diameter)

View STRONGBACK Excursion 12 Detailed Measurements PDF

What if I don’t like the chair once I buy it?

We are so confident that you will be happy with your STRONGBACK wheelchair that we offer a full refund if you return the chair within 30 days. See our Easy Returns Policy.

Where can I try this chair?

Find your nearest retailer.

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