Our Journey From a Camping Trip to Revolutionizing Mobility

The remarkable story of Strongback Mobility began with a simple camping trip taken by our co-founder, Ladd Lougee. It was during this trip that Ladd experienced the common discomfort many campers face: an uncomfortable camping chair leading to back and neck pain. Inspired to make a difference, Ladd embarked on a mission to develop a new and innovative camping chair that would revolutionize the camping experience. Little did he know that this would be just the beginning of our journey.

A New Era of Comfort and Support

In 2010, Ladd Lougee successfully introduced the Strongback Chair, a groundbreaking camping chair that offered unparalleled comfort and support. However, our vision extended far beyond the realm of camping. Ladd noticed the alarming similarity between the unhealthy posture adopted by standard wheelchair users and the discomfort experienced in low-quality camping chairs. Determined to make a lasting impact, Ladd, along with co-founder Dr. Christian Grothe, dedicated two years to developing the first ergonomic STRONGBACK wheelchair.

Recognitions and Awards

Our commitment to revolutionary design garnered significant recognition in the industry. Strongback products were honored with the prestigious German Design Award in both 2018 and 2020, solidifying our position as leaders in product design. Esteemed juries praised the user-friendliness and innovation of our products, cementing their place as industry benchmarks in both North America and Europe.

Our Team

Ladd Lougee

Visionary and Founder, Strongback Mobility USA, LLC, Co-Founder of Strongback Mobility AG ladd@strongbackmobility.com
CEO, Strongback Mobility USA, LLC sara@strongbackmobility.com
DME Sales Manager,Strongback Mobility USA, LLCdrew@strongbackmobility.com
Manager, Customer Success Team,Strongback Mobility USA, LLC leta@strongbackmobility.com

Enhancing Lives and Mobility

At Strongback Mobility, we offer a comprehensive range of transport chairs and wheelchairs designed to cater to diverse mobility needs. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for individuals with varying degrees of mobility challenges, providing relief from back pain and facilitating easier transportation. Whether you require a solution for low or moderate mobility or seek products that meet the needs of individuals with mobility challenges, Strongback Mobility USA is your trusted partner. We welcome inquiries from wheelchair users and retailers alike, as we strive to deliver high-quality products that offer exceptional value for end-users and sales managers.

Be Comfortable, Wherever You Are

From a transformative camping chair to pioneering ergonomic wheelchairs, Strongback Mobility has evolved to become a leader in the mobility solutions industry. Our dedication to innovation, user-friendliness, and design excellence has earned us prestigious awards and, more importantly, the trust and satisfaction of our customers. Join us on this incredible journey as we continue to enhance mobility and transform lives.

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