Between the Spokes - Meet Barry Petrigala

Aug 04, 2022Mindy Drexler

Strong spokes are the foundation of any wheel.

Here at Strongback Mobility, we want to recognize those who are important spokes on our team. We would like to introduce you to Barry Petrigala. Barry's long history in the durable medical equipment market makes him an outstanding member of our Strongback Mobility sales representative team. Barry supports retail locations in the midwestern states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Indiana.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what regions do you support?

I have been in the healthcare industry my whole adult life. I started in the acute care market and spent my first six years working as a product manager and as the director of marketing. I've also worked in the rehab and DME markets. I live in metropolitan Chicago and cover the midwestern states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Indiana.

What fuels your passion for selling Strongback Mobility?

As a former product manager, I feel that Strongback Mobility has done an excellent job of addressing the needs of the patient and the caregiver. It's enjoyable working with a product with unique back supporting properties and is not just another basic, boring wheelchair.

Do you have any advice for retail stores or other representatives?

Our healthcare market is moving away from coded products that are covered by reimbursement due to a cutting in funding by the federal government. Strongback Mobility fits into the growing number of durable medical equipment (DME) options that are not reimbursable by CMS. They offer the representative and dealer the ability to sell DME items beneficial to them both.

Deciding on a wheelchair type is not as easy as it sounds. What features of a Strongback Mobility chair help make that decision to a potential retailer or a user a confident decision?

The "additional dump" that is built into our chair and the angled back addresses the needs of the back patient. I have two herniated discs and can attest to the comfort of sitting in a STRONGBACK wheelchair. Our ergonomic wheelchair weighs only 25.8 pounds with quick-release wheels, anti-tippers, and front rigging complete. STRONGBACK is God's gift to the caregiver who quite often, is almost as infirm as the patient. The caregiver is responsible for putting equipment in and out of vehicles which can be very difficult. Strongback Mobility has manufactured a product that addresses the needs of both the patient and caregiver.

What's your favorite thing to do when you are not working.

I have two sons who are 20 and 22 and I enjoy activities with them when I am free. I have access to Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs tickets and enjoy going to an occasional game.

To connect with Barry, please email:

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