Between the Spokes - Meet Joni Moore!

Aug 04, 2022Mindy Drexler

Strong spokes are the foundation of any wheel.

Here at Strongback Mobility, we want to recognize those who are important spokes on our team. We would like to introduce you to Joni Moore. Joni’s passion and outlook on life make her an outstanding member of our Strongback Mobility sales representative team. Joni supports retail locations in Southern California.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what areas do you support? 

My name is Joni Moore. I live 30 miles east of Los Angeles and have been in the homecare industry longer than I care to admit. I have been a manufacturer’s representative for 29 years. The territory I cover for Strongback Mobility is Southern California.

What fuels your passion for selling Strongback Mobility?

I am enthusiastic about the STRONGBACK wheelchair because it is a piece of art. It is a beautiful chair that allows the homecare dealer to make a decent profit in a struggling industry while offering the end-user a quality chair for a fair price. The homecare supplier does not have to worry about losing the sale to an online retailer because of price discounts. STRONGBACK does not allow selling below MAP pricing.

Do you have any advice for retail stores or other representatives? 

The best advice I can suggest is to walk into the prospective dealer with a wheelchair. Hold off on discussing the price until you have shared the details. The first thing I do is ask them to sit in the chair and say, “How would you like to supply an amazingly comfortable chair to your customer and not worry about being undercut by an online retailer.” Next, I showcase the chair and discuss how lightweight the chair is, the ease of popping the wheels off, and how quick folding down the wheelchair is for transport and storage. The second most important suggestion I have is following up after the sale. Between 30 to 60 days, I revisit the dealer to see how things are going and to discuss any pain points. If the wheelchair has not sold, I offer to observe, if the opportunity arises, how the staff reacts when someone comes inquiring to buy a wheelchair. The staff usually heads to the economy chair first. I recommend the staff start with the STRONGBACK wheelchair first and work down to the economy chairs. Always have the customer sit in the STRONGBACK wheelchair. It’s like the company motto says - Sitting is Believing!

The key is to get the STRONGBACK into as many stores as possible. Several new homecare stores open accounts because their competition is selling the STRONGBACK wheelchairs, or their customer came in asking for STRONGBACK. A wheelchair this great finds opportunities.

Deciding on a wheelchair type is not as easy as it sounds. What features of a Strongback Mobility chair help make that a confident decision?

The most important question is to ask is, “Who is the wheelchair for, and who is the caregiver?” I listen for clues that indicate problems and concerns. The STRONGBACK wheelchair is a problem solver. STRONGBACK resolves the problem of back pain from sitting in a wheelchair for any length of time. For the caregiver, the lightweight aspect of the wheelchair provides ease of transporting the chair. For the homecare company, they have an opportunity to sell an outstanding wheelchair and make a good profit along with creating happy, returning customers.

What's your favorite thing to do when you are not working. 

I love to craft anything, the outdoors, and hanging out with friends and family.

To connect with Joni, please email her at


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