Between the Spokes - Meet Renee Hastings

Jun 30, 2022Mindy Drexler

Strong spokes are the foundation of any wheel.

Here at Strongback Mobility, we want to recognize those who are important spokes on our team. We would like to introduce you to Renee Hastings. Renee has a strong background in both retail and manufacturer HME market spaces. She supports retail partners in Northern California. Ownership, Appreciation, Pride in Our Work, Do the Right Thing - are all STRONGBACK Core Values that Renee exudes. Renee is a valued team member and we are happy to have her representing STRONGBACK.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what regions do you support? 

My name is Renee Hastings and I live in Modesto, CA which is right in the center of the Northern California territory I manage. I have been a manufacturing representative for almost 18 years and before that, I worked in HME retail for 10 years. It is that retail experience that has helped me to understand the challenges and successes from the dealer, the manufacturer as well as the consumer's point of view.

What fuels your passion for selling Strongback Mobility? 

I love selling STRONGBACK because I truly believe in the wheelchairs and the mission of the company. I love creating believers and providing the consumer with a wheelchair that truly improves their lifestyle.

Do you have any advice for retail stores or other representatives? 

Make sure that every part of your business tells the story that you love what you do. You will be amazed at how contagious your passion can be. One of my mentors once said to look at your store, staff, and website as if Oprah was coming in. Is your store Oprah ready? Will you make Oprah’s favorite list? Your customers are just like Oprah and they are going to be your best marketing tool if they have a great shopping experience. 

Having each STRONGBACK model in your showroom with multiple seat size options - 16", 18", and 20" - really is key in providing that personalized experience many consumers are still looking for. Because STRONGBACK is a higher price point option in the wheelchair market space, consumers expect a more tailored purchasing experience. Know your product and put the right product in your customer's hands. Most importantly listen to the customer, they will tell you what they want even if they don’t even know what they want. Trust me, these wheelchairs sell themselves once they are experienced!

Deciding on a wheelchair type is not as easy as it sounds. What features of a Strongback Mobility chair help make that decision to a potential retailer or a user a confident decision? 

With the STRONGBACK line, Sitting is Believing. STRONGBACK's proprietary ergonomic design promotes improved posture, relieves pressure points, and has an ultra-lightweight stylish design. Have your customer sit in a STRONGBACK while you explain the features and warranty details. Owning a STRONGBACK is an investment and you are worth it!

What's your favorite thing to do when you are not working. 

I enjoy being outdoors when I am not working. I enjoy hiking, standup paddle boarding, and anything on the water. I love to travel and spending time with my family and friends.

To connect with Renee, please email her at or call 209-613-5500 today!

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