Between the Spokes - Meet Don Conrad

Jul 26, 2023Mindy Drexler

This month we are recognizing Don Conrad, an important spoke on our Strongback Mobility sales team. Don has 32 years of experience in the DME (durable medical equipment) market space. He has personal experience working for a small dealer and brings his wealth of knowledge to our sales team. He is a delight to work with and operates with integrity and a warm smile!

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what regions do you support?

I am originally from Seattle and live about 40 miles north of the city. My territory includes WA, OR, ID, MT & AK. I have worked in the DME industry since 1991 after serving my country in the Navy. I started in the DME industry by delivering and cleaning everything under the sun for a DME store located on the Seattle Eastside. This included learning how to modify and get approvals for wheelchairs from WA State Medicaid.

What fuels your passion for selling Strongback Mobility?

I know from my early experiences in DME and modifying wheelchairs, that an unhealthy seating situation puts an unnecessary burden on the person in the chair. A STRONGBACK wheelchair provides immediate relief to this problem with no customization necessary. It is also the only out-of-the-box manual wheelchair solution with built-in posture support.

Do you have any advice for retail stores or other representatives?

Be sure whoever you are talking to about the wheelchair can sit down in one. It will be the most comfortable chair, ergonomically speaking, that they have ever sat in.

Deciding on a wheelchair type is not as easy as it sounds. What features of a Strongback Mobility wheelchair help make that decision to a potential retailer or a user a confident decision?

For a retailer, bringing in a sample wheelchair to display on their showroom floor can be very convincing. It often doesn’t last a week before being sold. Dealers who familiarize themselves with the chair know how incredibly comfortable a STRONGBACK is and can say with confidence that a customer will as well. It's that good.

I have confidence in STRONGBACK from personal experiences from having helped my friends and family acquire a STRONGBACK wheelchair. They tell me how much their loved one enjoyed their wheelchair, and it was a definite improvement in the quality of their lives. Something I don't hear from other DME brands. People are not limiting their use to just going to the car or the doctor's office. They are often spending the majority of their waking hours in it. Also, these wheelchairs are incredibly lightweight for caretakers to carry and travel with.

What's your favorite thing to do when you are not working?

I am a musician and play bass in a band with some friends. Mostly Rock, Blues, or Jazz. I’ve played since I was young and some of the music we like to play can be challenging, but I’m a firm believer that you have got to have something to challenge yourself mentally if you want to grow old with your marbles intact. I also live on a lake and enjoy getting out for a paddle now and then to remind my shoulders they are needed.

In the WA, OR, ID, MT, and AK area, and looking to add Strongback Mobility's line of wheelchairs and transport chairs to your product line? Here's how you can reach Don:

Don Conrad
C. 206-940-3500

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