Introducing the groundbreaking STRONGBACK Rollator - the ultimate partner for an unparalleled blend of comfort and convenience on every adventure! What sets the STRONGBACK Rollator apart is its pioneering design as the FIRST of its kind to seamlessly incorporate the ergonomic excellence of a STRONGBACK wheelchair into a rollator. Prepare to embark on a walking revolution with the indulgence of oversized, plush castor wheels, height-adjustable ergonomic handles, and a collapsible backrest that opens the site line. 


The MOST comfortable Rollator for SITTING! 

  • Patented STRONGBACK frame-integrated posture support technology is built into the frame
  • The FIRST lightweight rollator with a full-sized seat allows you to go further, safer, and allows you to rest longer
  • Adjustable backrest allows you to set it to your desired comfort level
  • Heavy-duty frame while remaining lightweight!
  • Extremely soft, stain-resistant nylon fabric with additional lumbar padding
  • Wider wheelbase for increased stability and durability
  • Versital storage pocket. Can hang under the seat or from the handlebars
  • Stylish frame with pleasing curves like a bicycle


The MOST comfortable Rollator for WALKING

  • Seat flips up allowing the user to stand up straight and walk upright taking stress off of the hips and spine
  • Foldable backrest - no obstructed views allowing the user to see obstacles at ground level
  • Bigger tires! Up to 12”. Great for rougher outdoor terrain and among the largest on the market
  • Easy operating, height adjustable, ergonomic handles
  • Dual running/parking brakes - standard
  • One-sided caster forks - no catching walls and door frames
  • Easy to fold for transport and storage


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