The Ultimate Wheelchair Buying Guide

Jun 30, 2022Mindy Drexler

Want to buy a wheelchair but don't know how to choose a wheelchair that will help you? Confused when looking for a wheelchair for yourself or for someone you know who would benefit from one? Perhaps you want to purchase wheelchair technology that is cutting edge? If so, read the ultimate wheelchair buying guide so you can buy a wheelchair with all the information you need at your fingertips.

What Is a Wheelchair?

First things first: lets begin with a definition of what a wheelchair actually is. Put simply, a wheelchair is any type of chair that has wheels fitted to it in order to improve mobility. Wheelchairs come in many style types and are used to help people with disabilities, injuries, or other conditions, such as old age, that impair their mobility.

Types of Wheelchair and Their Features

A standard wheelchair has a metal frame, a footrest and handles at the back for someone to help push it along. The rear wheels will also be large enough for the occupant to self-propel. Although a standard wheelchair is suitable for people who might need one for a short time, perhaps as they recover from an operation, they're often too heavy and impractical for everyday utilization.

A transport wheelchair is designed with smaller wheels at the back and, these will be propelled by someone other than the chair's occupant. They are used in a wide variety of settings to provide mobility. Typically, a transport wheelchair will be available to use in a care setting, such as a hospital, but they are also utilized in domestic settings, too.

An electric wheelchair is powered by a battery which is often stowed underneath the occupant. These vary enormously in terms of range and design. A typical electric wheelchair will need to be charged overnight in order to provide enough power for a whole day's usage.

Finally, a multifunctional wheelchair offers many of the features listed above. They will have handles so they can be pushed as well as offering the occupant the chance to move themselves about. Not every multifunctional wheelchair has electric power but some do. They will often fold down so that they can be stowed in a closet or the trunk of a car.

Where Can I Get a Wheelchair That Is Light?

If you want to purchase wheelchair designs that are suited to modern living, then one of the biggest priorities will be how heavy it is. Put simply, a lightweight wheelchair is preferable to a standard design because it takes less energy to move it around. This is the case whether it is self-propelled or electrically powered. Of course, the most lightweight models have no batteries. Knowing where to buy a wheelchair that is light means doing a little research. STRONGBACK's ultra lightweight wheelchair range, for example, offers products that are less than 23 lbs, frequently lighter than the lightest models made by competitor manufacturers. What's more, the incredibly light and award-winning designs from Strongback Mobility offer exceptional posture support and foldability, something that makes them extremely comfortable and practical at the same time.

Buying Wheelchair Technology With STRONGBACK

At Strongback Mobility USA, we provide a comprehensive service for anyone looking for a wheelchair with modern design features. If you have been asking yourself, where can I get a wheelchair with an ergonomic back support that's built into the frame, for example, then you will find a suitable product from within our range. In fact, the design of all of our transport chairs and wheelchairs is a cut above every standard model on the market thanks to their forward-thinking aesthetics. Our wheelchairs offer beautifully curved lines and sleek design innovations throughout so that they look more like examples of advanced sports equipment rather than medical aids.

Another reason that Strongback Mobility is worth considering where to buy a wheelchair today is that we offer so much useful advice. As well as what you have learned reading the ultimate wheelchair buying guide, our sales advisors will be happy to assist you with any extra questions or inquiries you may have. For example, if you would like to know which of our products have adjustable rear axles that are suited to beginner, intermediate and expert users, then we will be able to offer product-specific advice.

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