Tackling Those Winter Blues with Strongback Mobility

Jan 25, 2023Mindy Drexler

Cold and snowy weather can be deterrents for not leaving the house, especially when you need additional mobility assistance. That's where Strongback Mobility can help. Because our chairs are so light, easy to maneuver, and transport, it opens the doors of opportunity to do more! Exploring an outdoor winter marketplace or treat yourself to an extended winter destination vacation. Our wheel options on both the wheelchair and transport chair models provide a smooth and comfortable ride, even in snowy terrains.  

Taking a car or plane ride to visit family and friends or to go enjoy your favorite restaurant for dinner is easy with STRONGBACK'S sturdy yet easy to collapse-down design. It fits into small spaces like automobile trunks or airplane closets to store until you get to your destination. In just seconds, it unfolds and is ready for use!

Strongback Mobility - Wheelchairs Reimagined 

Strongback Mobility wheelchairs are visually different but also fabricated more effectively from standard models. In the design, deliberate attention was paid to the lightness of the wheelchairs without sacrificing stability and functionality. Having a wheelchair that weighs less, makes it easier for wheelchair users and their caregivers to maneuver indoors and outdoors along with ease of use on multiple terrains. Our patented STRONGBACK frame-integrated posture support design promotes healthy posture. Our design improves the user's sitting habits by aligning the hips and spine correctly.

All STRONGBACK wheelchairs and transport chairs are designed with the idea of getting people more mobile. Our chairs are comparatively light and easy to fold down making transport by car, plane, or train extremely manageable. Often, the wheelchair user can handle the STRONGBACK wheelchair without assistance, giving wheelchair users comfort and flexibility in everyday life.

Year-around Advantages of a STRONGBACK Wheelchair

Increased mobility is our utmost goal for our users. (It's even in our name.) Getting mobility-challenged people back to enjoying life and to their favorite places inspires us, no matter what time of year it is. Being wheelchair dependent no longer must keep you or your loved one home. Our STRONGBACK wheelchair design aims to provide exceptional levels of comfort, security, and mobility in any setting.

We are All About Supporting the Spine

STRONGBACK'S line of innovative, frame-integrated posture support wheelchairs is quickly becoming a market leader. Within our wheelchair and excursion chair options, we offer several seat sizes along with accessories such as seatbelts and adjustable leg rests for you to customize your favorite choice. And soon, our revolutionary ergonomically correct rollator will be available! (Arriving in 2022!)

Promoting a healthy spine is our ultimate goal while providing products that are lightweight and easy to transport, increasing comfort and mobility. These characteristics are lacking in the mobility device market space.

Other functional extras of the STRONGBACK models include fold-back armrests and swiveling, removable footrests. Together, they add to the functionality of your wheelchair and aid in ease of use. 

Purchasing a wheelchair or transport chair from Strongback Mobility is as easy as visiting us at strongbackmobility.com. Our easy-to-navigate website will provide you with all the tools and information you need to make an educated decision on the perfect option for you or your loved one. Prefer to try a wheelchair out before making a purchase? Please visit our find a retailer section in the top menu bar of our website. Strongback Mobility products can be found in over 250+ retail locations throughout the US. Just type your city or zip code into the search bar to find a store near you. 

And lastly, we pride ourselves on our high standards of customer service and product reliability. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us by phone or email. We will be happy to assist you. 



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